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Hog Technologies provides airport and runway solutions such as runway rubber removal, airfield marking removal, surface cleaning, and airfield marking application & rejuvenation.

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Hog Technologies is leading the way in the airport industry! Our Stripe Hog water blasting system is the most-used system for removing rubber deposits from runways as well as removing or rejuvenating airfield markings! We also manufacture the Paint Hog which comes in an Airless format which provides airports with airfield marking patterns, including zipper lines! In addition, we manufacture the Surface Hog for surface cleaning and preparation. The small form factor makes it perfect for airport parking garages and lots. The Surface Hog can also rejuvenate airfield markings, extending their longevity.

Hog Technologies continues to innovate and lead the way in the airport industry!

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Advantages of the stripe hog

The Stripe Hog uses 40,000 psi water jets to quickly remove any type of rubber from runways or airfield paint markings in an environmentally efficient way. The award-winning Stripe Hog can also be used for paint rejuvenation for longer-lasting paint applications and cleaning.

paint and surface hog for airports

Hog Technologies offers more than just water blasting solutions for airports!

Paint Hog

When it comes to airfield markings, Hog Technologies offers an airless paint truck with airport patterns already pre-loaded into our skip line control system. These patterns allow you to lay waterborne paint in black, yellow, or even zipper patterns!

Surface Hog

Hog Technologies also manufactures the Surface Hog which can be used to clean and rejuvenate airfield markings as well as clean surfaces including porous asphalt! The Surface Hog is small and compact enough making it ideal for parking lots as well as parking garages.

93% of North American airports that are large enough to own a water blaster, own a Stripe Hog

It all started with Pittsburgh International Airport. In 2006, we sold our first Stripe Hog SH8000 to an airport and the machine is still in service to this very day! That one sale sparked a change in the airport industry and now, 93% of North American airports that are large enough to own a water blaster, own a Stripe Hog! It's not just the Stripe Hog as airports, such as Denver International Airport, own numerous Surface Hogs, and Elmendorf Airforce Base in Alaska owns an Paint Hog just to name a few!

It's not just domestic success either as the Airport Authority of India owns ten of our Stripe Hog SK5500 machines while Dubai International Airport owns several SH8000s as well! Prague and Mumbai have also joined the Hog Technologies family!

It is this success that has made Hog Technologies the world leader in marking removal and pavement maintenance!