Competitive Advantages

8 GPM per color flow rate

Tight temperature control & maintenance of temperature with insulated lines with NO glycol jackets. Eliminates the eventual reality of having a mess in your glycol.

No nozzles in the recirculation lines. When you are recirculating, you are doing so at low/no pressure & thus this allows for a high velocity of material & ultra-fast heat up of extremities with no glycol jacket.

Recirculation of material all the way through each gun. You will NOT have to blow into a bucket every time you start. The Epoxy HOG does not use buckets or pans.

The Epoxy HOG only uses two Swagelok valves; one per color.

The Epoxy HOG uses just one glycol Pump with three 12V air-actuated valves for temperature control vs 4-6 glycol pumps on competitive vehicles.

The Epoxy HOG uses just one burner vs 3-4 on competitive vehicles.

Spray with little to no splatter at 140 degrees with our unique system which leads to faster cure times and a flattened viscosity curve vs 115 degrees on competitive trucks to reduce splatter.

Great product mixing with no moving components inside the material tanks.

Monitor material levels in resin tanks from rear display.

Monitor bead levels from the rear display with ultra sonic sensors that also provide digital inputs for material data logging with no cumbersome expensive load cells under bead tanks.

Camlock fittings for ease of maintainance.

Timer system for automated patterns.

250 CFM boss air compressor with adequate driers & air coolers on board to prevent moisture in your beads.

The Epoxy HOG does NOT use high-pressure pumps to heat up material. The material is heated via our HOG Pumps. This leads to a low RPM, low maintenance, and low overall cost of operation.

The Epoxy HOG feeds high-pressure pumps with 20 psi which extends the life of packings, balls, and seats.

All AFC stainless steel tanks, heat exchangers, and plumbing.

Hog Speed Controller facilitates tight speed control with no hydrostatic drive system with a simple touch of a button.

High-Pressure Hog pumps are driven with air 30:1 and fed with a very simple 1/2" airline, eliminating a large number of hydraulics normally found on a traditional epoxy truck. Only 4 hydraulic valves on the entire truck & one pump.

A Hog Tool system and Spare Parts System are built into the Epoxy HOG. In addition, there is a built-in citrus cleaner, storage for placement of tools or nozzles you want to clean, as well as a wire mesh basket.

High-pressure pump legs are placed in line making the pumps extremely accessible, unlike traditional legs that are in a triangle-shaped format and extremely difficult to access. This allows for a one-hour packing change. It only takes 20 minutes to change a pump leg if you keep a spare.

Very uncluttered view of the guns due to no glycol-jacketed lines.

Adjustable gun height.

Fusion guns or mix tubes availble.

Epoxy or Polyurea capable.

Our Hog Bead Guns come with three options of orifice sizes and no threaded components. You can Assemble/disassemble in seconds.

All aluminum Hog Pumps both load material, recirculate material for heating, and charge the high-pressure pumps once you are ready to shoot your lines.

Our patent-pending speed control system eliminates the need to constantly look back and forth between your speedometer and the crosshairs when laying down epoxy upon a line, drastically reducing or eliminating the margin for error.

Videos of the Epoxy Hog Applications

The Epoxy Hog represents a revolutionary way of addressing the complexities of plural component vehicles. You'll find a truck that looks and acts more like a paint truck than what you are used to.

Technical Specs

Material Tanks300 gals per component (yellow, catalyst, white)
Bead Tanks2x 5000 gal
Burner1x 800,000 BTU
Air Compressor250 CFM Boss

Request the Epoxy Hog Specification Sheet

Get the Epoxy Hog specification sheet that you can print and save to your computer for review at any time. A great tool for model comparisons and for comparing the Epoxy Hog to other manufacturer's equipment. Specification sheets contain:

  • Complete Model Specifications
  • List of Model Options
  • List of Model Applications
Epoxy Hog Spec Sheet