Rubber & Paint Removal

Vehicles with 40,000 psi that offer solutions to the Highway and Airport industries.

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Pavement Marking

Vehicles & equipment that apply pavement markings using either thermoplastic or waterborne paint.

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Grinding, Grooving & Rumbling

Vehicles for grinding pavement markings, grooving pavement for inlaid markings, or cutting rumble strips.

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Vehicles for cleaning and preparing surfaces such as concrete, standard asphalt, or porous asphalt.

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Tooling & Attachments

Tools such as our Hog Tusk, Ground Hog, Hog Rider, and Hog Waller that can attach to a Stripe Hog to increase the versatility of any job.

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Available Now

Certified Hog equipment and vehicles that are available for resale.

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Increase your equipment's performance with expert hands-on training.

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