Advantages of the Surface Hog

The Surface Hog cleans concrete surfaces or paint to improve skid resistance and aesthetics.

Restores the visibility and retroreflectivity of paint and other markings.

Removes hydrocarbons and oils from gate areas, aircraft parking & work areas, gas stations, shipping ports, airports, and more.

By using only fresh potable water, the Surface Hog reduces environmental impact.

The Surface Hog can remove built-up dirt and sediments from pervious (porous) pavement, restoring its drainage functionality.

The Surface Hog's water reclamation and recycling system allows up to a 5-hour runtime, resulting in minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Water is reclaimed and recycled through a 4-stage filtration system down to 20 micron filtration.

The Surface Hog is perfect for facilities such as Universities, Stadiums, Airports, Large Manufacturing, Shipping Ports, Theme Parks, Parking Garages, and more!

The Surface Hog is the only surface cleaning option that can be driven on roads at highway speed. Similar units can only travel upwards to 15 MPH. By integrating the Surface Hog into an Isuzu NRR chassis, there is no need to tow any of the equipment.

With the Isuzu NRR chassis, the Surface Hog boasts a tight turning radius, making it perfect for surface cleaning in tight areas where larger equipment or towed equipment would have difficulty operating in.

The Surface Hog uses a single blasting head for cleaning widths up to 36"

Videos of the Surface Hog Applications

The Surface Hog uses 7,250 psi (499 bar) pump to clean and rejuvenate pavement markings and clean surfaces, including porous asphalt.

Chassis & Paint Options

The Surface Hog Surface Cleaner is a compact solution built on an Isuzu NRR chassis, boasting a tight turning radius and the ability to fit into smaller spaces such as parking garages.

Technical Specs

Operating Pressure7,250 psi (499 bar)
Flow Rate7.9 gpm (29.9 lpm)
Fresh Water Capacity610 gal (2,308 liters)
Debris Tank Capacity132 gal (499 liters)
Blasting Widths36" (91.4 cm)


Get the Surface Hog specification sheet that you can print and save to your computer for review at any time. A great tool for model comparisons. Specification sheets contain:

  • Complete Model Specifications
  • List of Model Options
  • List of Model Applications
Surface Hog Spec Sheet