Advantages of the Mini Hog

Engine controls located at operators position for ease of operation at operators position. This includes an Electronic Proportional Throttle With Cruise Control: No mechanical connection to the hydro-static drive pump with programing capability to adjust for operator

The Mini HOG features hydraulic wheel motors with internal hydraulic brakes: This allows for a positive brake system that will not release due to mechanical linkage and also needs no adjustment. The Mini HOG also has a manual brake release for towing.

"Skipline, Inc." Skiptimer system with: Footage Counters and Speedometer. Three separate pattern selections that can be changed on the fly. USB port for software upgrades. Support from a well establish company.

The Mini HOG comes with a Mini Hog Pump that is specifically designed to pump thermoplastic. In the case of maintenance or repair, the HOG Pump does not need to be removed from the chassis.

The Mini HOG uses a pressure-compensated hydraulic pump to drive both the material pump and hot oil circulation pump. This allows for consistent non-varying speeds at the material pump and hot oil pump. (Speeds not affected by engine RPM). In addition, the hot oil pump is easily accessible and hydraulic-driven (not belt-driven) to maintain constant speed leading to longer pump life.

With the Mini HOG's electronic proportional dual material speed control, you can use control knobs located at the operators position to change the application rates of the material. Our adjustable dual pump control allows for automatic pump speed step-up when the second gun is activated.

Applications of the Mini Hog

The Mini Hog is a ride-on thermoplastic striping machine perfect for small jobs and tight-fitting areas.

Technical Specs

Kettle400-600 lbs. (181.4 - 272.1 kg)
Air Compressor8 cfm @ 125 psi (8.61 bar)
Ribbon Applicator4”, 6”, 8”, and 12” (10.1, 15.2, 20.3, and 30.4 cm)
EnginePropane or Diesel
Wheel Track41.5" (105.41 cm)
Wheel Base60.5" (153.67 cm)


Get the Mini Hog specification sheet that you can print and save to your computer for review at any time. A great tool for model comparisons and for comparing the Mini Hog to other manufacturer's equipment. Specification sheets contain:

  • Complete Model Specifications
  • List of Model Options
  • List of Model Applications
Mini Hog Spec Sheet