Advantages of the Grinder Hog

The Grinder Hog is mounted to a Peterbilt 520 chassis and features a grinder head on each side of the truck that is capable of extending outward up to 36” from the chassis. The grinder head supports PCD teeth available in Flat, Round (flat or domed), Double Round (domed), or Triple Round (flat) for different finish profiles.

With our Low-Speed Control, the Grinder Hog can grind at speeds up to 8 MPH (12.87 KPH) without having to check between the crosshairs and the speedometer, greatly reducing the margin for error.

The Grinder Hog comes with a skip line control system for on-the-fly adjustment of grinding patterns. The Grinder HOG is available with either 3 or 4 grinding heads.

The simultaneous vacuum recovery system of the Grinder Hog utilizes two 8” 2,200 cfm Roots Blowers, double filtration, and an ultra-quiet Hog Silencer to collect debris at the same time as grinding. The debris is then stored in a 6 cubic yard (4.6 cubic meters) usable debris tank that can be tilted at a minimum of 47 degrees for easy debris dumping.

The Grinder Hog also comes with a standard 1,000 gal (3,785 liters) water tank that can be filled with fresh, potable water for dust control while grinding, keeping the machine compliant with Airborne Silica guidelines set forth by the EPA.

With the Grinder Hog's Master/Follower function, one operator can run all heads and maintain exact lane width.

Sonic Vibration Technology: Over 500 Sq Feet of Filtration with auto-reverse air pulsing (Short pulse provides cleaning your filters while grinding) / Long Pulse w/Sonic vibration helps to restore air flow). Positive Displacement Blowers provide up to 4,400 CFM (w/3 heads) or 6,600 CFM (with 4 heads) at 10" Hg

The Grinder Hog uses Computer-Controlled Profiling (CCP) for grinding, grooving, sinusoidal rumble strips, banana cuts, and plunge cuts.

The Grinder Hog uses smart cylinders which allow for computer-controlled precision depth control.

High Dump Debris Tank: 6 yards of Usable Space. Pneumatic Seals provide for quick dumping. The debris tank is fully constructed using stainless steel.

Videos of the Grinder Hog Applications

With heads on both sides of the truck, center line and shoulder work can be performed simultaneously. In addition, road reflectors can be removed and vacuumed so there's no need to remove them prior to the job.

Technical Specs

Grinder Heads13" (33 cm) Standard, 18" (45.7 cm) Available
Head ExtensionUp to 36” (91.44 cm) away from chassis
Vacuum Recovery (3 Heads)2x 2,200 cfm 8" blowers
Vacuum Recovery (4 Heads)3x 2,200 cfm 8" blowers
Water Tank1,000 gal (3,785 liters)
Debris Tank6 Cubic Yards (usable)
Low-Speed ControlUp to 8 MPH (12.87 KPM)

Request the Grinder Hog Specifications Sheet

Get the Grinder Hog specifications sheet that you can print and save to your computer for review at any time. A great tool for model comparisons and for comparing the Grinder Hog to other manufacturers equipment. Specifications sheet contains:

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Grinder Hog Spec Sheet