Grinding, Grooving, and Rumbling Solutions

Grinder Hog GH3 | GH4

Grinding and Grooving from 2-10 MPH

Grinder Hog GH2

2-Head grinding truck that does NOT require a CDL license to operate

Rumble Hog

Grinding and Grooving up to 5 MPH, Rumble Strips up to 3.5 MPH

3-in-1 Solution

The Rumble Hog can do Grinding, Grooving, and Rumble Strips all from the convenience of a single rear-mounted drum that can move from side to side for shoulder and centerline work.

Up to 4 Grinder Heads per Truck

The Grinder Hog does Grinding and Grooving by utilizing grinder heads that can extend out by 36" on each side of the truck allowing you to do shoulder and centerline work simultaneously. The Grinder Hog is also capable of sinusoidal, banana, and plunge cuts with no additional cutting package necessary.

Vacuum Recovery System

Hog Technologies manufactures asphalt solutions for grinding, grooving, and cutting rumble strips. Part of that solution is the usage of water to cool the tips on the cutter drum and grinding heads and suppress the amount of dust generated. Not only does this make debris collection easy with simultaneous vacuum recovery but it is also safer from an environmental standpoint. OSHA has strict guidelines when it comes to the generation of crystalline silica, particles that are at least 100 times smaller than an ordinary grain of sand which are generated when methods such as cutting are used. By using water to suppress dust, you are also suppressing the generation of these particles which also reduces negative health risks when working on the job.