Tooling & Attachment Solutions

Hog Technologies manufactures a number of lightweight tooling options that can attach to any 40,000 psi system; offering a mobile and versatile solution to any removal job!

Tooling Solutions

Ground Hog

40,000 psi @ 9 GPM, 800 CFM, Up to 300' operational distance. Blasting widths 6-22" (HT1000) or 10-14" (HT1000SR)

Hog Rider

40,000 psi @ 9 GPM, Up to 300' operational distance, John Deere 2500B tractor

Hog Waller

40,000 psi @ 6 GPM, Blasting width: 8", Hydraulic-powered, Lightweight at 12-15 lbs

Power Hog

5.1-12 GPM, John Deere 225 HP engine, Optional Vacuum 800-1,400 CFM

Grinder Head Attachment

Remove pavement markings even faster by pairing the grinder head with up to two water blasting heads!


Walk-behind, tractor-driven, or even handheld, we have tools that can attach to any 40,000 psi water blaster to add versatility to any job!