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We have become the market leaders worldwide with more water blasting units working around the globe than our 5 closest competitors combined. We will work tirelessly to maintain this position by always thinking “outside the box” and listening to our customers’ concerns.

Hog Technologies manufactures a variety of vehicles such as the Stripe Hog, Thermo Hog, Paint Hog, Rumble Hog, Grinder Hog, Surface Hog, and Concrete Hog.

The award-winning Stripe Hog Waterblasting System quickly and completely removes all types of durable pavement markings from asphalt and concrete surfaces with the least amount of negative impact to the surface. The Stripe Hog® does its work using needle-sharp 40,000 psi water jets and a powerful vacuum recovery system that leaves the road or runway clean and virtually dry. The resulting debris is quickly de-watered using a patented process so that the debris can then be dumped easily from the tank.

Hog Technologies was founded in 1988 by President & CEO, James P. Crocker. It began as a small pressure cleaning company primarily servicing the residential community. The opportunity soon arose to use high-pressure water to remove road markings. Mr. Crocker was fascinated with the speed at which the markings were removed and the ability to remove such tough materials without substantially damaging the road surface.

The original Stripe Hog was developed in 1997 as the company sought to develop a machine that could perform pavement marking removal with near perfect and repeatable performance. Through rigorous research and development, the Stripe Hog pavement marking and runway rubber removal system has continued to improve in performance and now operates in 56 countries around the world.

Founded in 1988
The first stripe hog developed in 1997
Customers in over 50 countries
Vehicles operating in over 80 countries
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Hog Technologies Mission

To place a Stripe Hog® Waterblasting System on every runway and roadway in the world while ensuring that we are ALWAYS exceeding customers’ expectations. To maintain an energetic, productive work environment that drives innovation and excellence, creating excellent customer reviews, driving profitability, consistent personal and financial growth.

That's right, we have a

$10,000 guarantee

We know that it is NOT normal to list all your competitors on our own website; however, we believe with everything in us that if you will take the time to educate yourself on the various systems available, you will absolutely buy a Stripe Hog®. Our job is to educate you, which is why we have launched Hog Tech University.

Here is one place where you can access all manufacturers globally and equip yourself with a good, working knowledge of the various components of ANY system. From there you can begin to develop a fundamental basis of decision making. In fact, we are so confident, that If you are a customer spending your own money, we will bet you $10,000 up front, that you will purchase a Stripe Hog®. (Watch the video to the left to learn more.)

Additionally, you have a standing invitation to come to Stuart, FL where we have the unique advantage of access to the world's largest fleet of water blasting vehicles. We can give you a tour of our 100,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant as well as real life demonstrations and more!

meet the hog team

James Crocker, President & Founder at Hog Technologies
James Crocker

President & Founder

Mike Nardone, Chief Operating Officer at Hog Technologies
Mike Nardone

Chief Operating Officer

Maria Lopez, Human Resources Manager at Hog Technologies
Maria Lopez

Human Resources Manager

Adam Baldwin, Vice President of Marketing at Hog Technologies
Adam Baldwin

Vice President of Marketing

Vince Giordano, Vice President of Sales at Hog Technologies
Vince Giordano

Vice President of Sales

Curtis Crocker, Technical Support Lead at Hog Technologies
Curtis Crocker

Technical Support Lead

Erin Clingan, Director of Spare Parts Sales at Hog Technologies
Erin Clingan

Director of Spare Parts Sales

Michael Lettengarver, Senior Director of Sales North America at Hog Technologies
Michael Lettengarver

Senior Director of Sales North America

Walter Arenas, Director of Intl. Sales Latin America, Caribbean & Africa at Hog Technologies
Walter Arenas

Director of Intl. Sales Latin America, Caribbean & Africa

Gerd Heinrich, Director of Sales, Europe & Middle East at Hog Technologies
Gerd Heinrich

Director of Sales, Europe & Middle East

Fernando Nogareda, Sales/Service Agent at Hog Technologies
Fernando Nogareda

Sales/Service Agent

JoAnna Mendez, Service Operations Manager at Hog Technologies
JoAnna Mendez

Service Operations Manager

Brent Hoffpauir, General Manager, Surface Preparation at Hog Technologies
Brent Hoffpauir

General Manager, Surface Preparation

Brian Dulemba, Sales, Stripe & Rubber Removal at Hog Technologies
Brian Dulemba

Sales, Stripe & Rubber Removal

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