Advantages of the Broom Hog

The Broom Hog is a hard surface cleaning solution that does not require a trailer because it is built on a chassis that can drive at highway speeds.

The Broom Hog does not require a CDL license to operate because the standard chassis is under 26,000 GVW.

The broom traverses from the far left to the far right, reaching up to 36” beyond each tire thus not requiring any gutter brooms.

The dirt and debris is swept directly onto a conveyor belt which eliminates the need for augers as well as clogging issues from damp material.

Live manipulation of the over-the-cab discharge conveyor allows for loading into a dump truck or offloading material along the edge of the road.

The narrow and densely packed broom delivers all the horsepower only to the narrow paths of material left by the Rumble Hog.

The Broom Hog is capable of sweeping 20+ cubic yards of material per hour with an 8-10 hour operation time.

The Broom Hog uses a 140hp John Deere diesel auxiliary engine which requires no integration with the chassis drive line.

Videos of the Broom Hog Applications

The Broom Hog is a broom truck for surface cleaning behind other vehicles such as a grinding or rumble strip truck.

Technical Specs

Broom Width32” (81.28 cm)
Engine140hp Diesel Auxiliary
Fresh Water Capacity400 gal (1,514 liters)
Fuel Tank Capacity100 gal (378 liters)


Get the Broom Hog specification sheet that you can print and save to your computer for review at any time. A great tool for model comparisons. Specification sheets contain:

  • Complete Model Specifications
  • List of Model Options
  • List of Model Applications
Broom Hog Spec Sheet