Advantages of the Stripe Hog SK5.2

The Stripe Hog SK5.2 is an auxiliary-driven, skid-mounted water blasting and recovery system designed for either asphalt or concrete roadways and airfields. The Stripe Hog SK5.2 can vacate an airport runway in under 1 minute.

The Stripe Hog SK5.2 is equipped with ultra-high pressure needle-sharp water blasting jets creating up to 40,000 psi (2,750 bar) and up to 5.2 GPM (19.6 LPM). It uses ordinary fresh water without chemicals or detergents, along with a vacuum recovery system. Reclaimed water can be drained off to eliminate some of the slurry from dumping.

With a large 900 gallon (3,406 liter) water tank capacity the Stripe Hog SK5.2 can stay on the job for several hours before dumping or replenishing with fresh water. The Stripe Hog SK5.2 is powered by a Cummins 140 HP Tier 3 or Tier 4 engine and comes with our self-rotating Ground Hog HT1000SR walk-behind tool. The walk-behind tool comes with a hose that allows you to operate up to 100’ (30.48 m) away from the trailer.

Videos of the SK5.2 Applications

The Stripe Hog SK5.2 is a water blasting and recovery system designed for either asphalt or concrete airfields and roadways for paint and thermoplastic removal, surface preparation, road retexturing, hydraulic spill cleanup, and removal of rubber deposits from airport runways.

Technical Specs

Operating Pressure40,000 PSI (2,750 BAR)
Flow Rate5.2 GPM (19.6 LPM)
Fresh Water Capacity900 gal (3,406 liters)
Waste Tank Capacity700 gal (2,650 liters)
Blasting Width14" (35.55 cm)

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Stripe Hog SK5.2 Spec Sheet