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Hog Tech is committed to you as a customer, solving technical issues, and helping ensure you are maximizing productivity. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Hog Tech University – our New Learning Management System is the perfect place for your team members to receive certification and on-going training. Certified Operators maximize the productivity of your truck while maintaining the highest levels of safety at the lowest operating costs.

Hog Technologies has a team of Engineers and over 100 years of combined real-world experience to create the world’s best solutions in every product we manufacture. 98% of spare parts ordered are shipped on the same day they are received, resulting in minimal downtime. 24/7/365 customer support is available with Certified Technicians with 10 minutes in multiple languages.

$10K guarantee
98% same day shipping
Get Certified
100+ combined experience
Support in Any Language

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We know that it is NOT normal to list all your competitors on our own website; however, we believe with everything in us that if you will take the time to educate yourself on the various systems available, you will absolutely buy a Stripe Hog®. Our job is to educate you, which is why we have launched Hog Tech University.

Here is one place where you can access all manufacturers globally and equip yourself with a good, working knowledge of the various components of ANY system. From there you can begin to develop a fundamental basis of decision making. In fact, we are so confident, that If you are a customer spending your own money, we will bet you $10,000 up front, that you will purchase a Stripe Hog®. (Watch the video to the left to learn more.)

Additionally, you have a standing invitation to come to Stuart, FL where we have the unique advantage of access to the world's largest fleet of water blasting vehicles. We can give you a tour of our 100,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant as well as real life demonstrations and more!

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