Thermoplastic or Waterborne Paint

Thermo Hog
The Thermo Hog is a thermoplastic longline truck that can apply yellow or white thermoplastic lines either individually or simultaneously. Our Hog Melter is a processing plant that can melt thermoplastic at a rate of 8,000lbs per hour per color. The Hog Melter evenly heats the surface using heated oil, giving you 41 times the heated surface as a conventional melter! It even allows you to go from cold to full production in under 1 hour. The Hog Pump is 75% smaller than a standard thermoplastic pump and can be repaired without removing it from the truck.

Paint Hog
The Paint Hog is a highly customizable waterborne paint truck available in both atomized air and airless formats. The atomized air version can be used in any climate due to its paint heating systems while the airless system produces crisper lines and comes with airfield marking patterns, stainless steel paint tanks, and meets U.S. emission standards. Both versions can customize their paint pots, bead tanks, guns, safety packages and more!

Thermoplastic Solutions

Thermo Hog: Size Matters & We Have Yours

Up to 16,000 lbs per hour per melter, 1/4 the temperate and multiple times the heated surface area. No scorched material. Ultra-fast start-up and shutdown times. Available with different configurations and chassis

Hog Pump

Designed to specifically pump thermoplastic. Attaches to most trucks with no modification to hydraulics.

Thermo Pre-Melter Skid

Up to 8,000 lbs/hr (3628 kg/hr) melting rate, 20-minute recovery time, instant shut down

Waterborne Paint Solutions

Paint Hog

Atomized air or airless formats. Choose your paint/bead guns, safety packages, size of paint/bead tanks and more!


Waterborne Paint