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Hog Technologies has a 30+ year history manufacturing solutions for the road and highway industries! Our award-winning Stripe Hog water blasting system is the most-trusted vehicle in the industry for removing paint and thermoplastic markings, removing curing compound, and rejuvenating existing markings. We also manufacture the Rumble Hog and Grinder Hog for grinding pavement markings, grooving pavement for inlay markings, and cutting rumble strips which also include sinusoidal, banana, and plunge cuts! In addition, we can lay pavement markings in either thermoplastic or waterborne paint with our Thermo Hog and Paint Hog systems! Finally, we manufacture the Surface Hog for surface cleaning and preparation, including porous asphalt!

Hog Technologies continues to innovate solutions for the road and highway industry! It is through this innovation that we have become the world leader in marking removal and pavement maintenance!

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More Than Water Blasting

Hog Technologies began with manufacturing our award-winning Stripe Hog. We took those lessons and applied innovative thinking to expand our scope and footprint.The result was a Hog Family of products that offered unique and innovative solutions to the road and highway industry. From speed control on our vehicles to unparalleled production rates for applying thermoplastic, to automatic guidance for rumbling, grooving, grinding, Hog Technologies continues with its forward-thinking to offer more than just water blasting solutions to the industry!

Hog Technologies Advantages

Scissor Lift High Dump

The Scissor Lift High Dump System extends upward to 12' in the air, allowing easy dumping of debris into a container or dump truck. The Scissor Lift High Dump System works with the Stripe Hog SH8000, SK8000, SH7500, SK7500, and the Rumble Hog RH7500 systems.

Hog Tusk

The Hog Tusk uses 1/2 the water and gives you 2x the productivity making it the quickest and most effective way to remove your pavement markings and it is only available from HOG.

Hog Speed Control

Our Hog Speed Control is a programmable system that allows you to set the speed of the vehicle so you can keep your eyes on the job rather than your gas pedal.

Dewatering System

With simultaneous vacuum recovery, dirty water is filtered down to 100 micron so it can easily be dumped in a nearly dry state.

Independent Head Control

The Stripe Hog features dual motors which an independently control the RPM's of each blasting head, giving you full control over any removal job.

Hog Pump

The Hog Pump is specifically designed to pump thermoplastic. it is 75% smaller and 371 lbs. lighter than the competitive pump. The Hog Pump can also be retrofitted onto most existing thermoplastic trucks without any modification to hydraulics.

Why our products are ideal for highways and roadways

Hog Technologies manufactures more than just water blasting equipment. This means that there are now more options to service and maintain our nation’s infrastructure. Our most preferred product for roadway maintenance is our award-winning Stripe Hog Waterblasting System. The Stripe Hog can remove or rejuvenate thermoplastic, waterborne paint, epoxy, two-component, tape, and cold plastic.

While the Stripe Hog can rejuvenate markings, we also manufacture the Surface Hog which, is specifically made for cleaning/preparing surfaces and rejuvenating markings.

If you are looking to apply markings, we manufacture the Thermo Hog and Paint Hog machines for thermoplastic or waterborne paint application, respectively.

Finally, we also manufacture the Rumble Hog which is a 3-in-1 machine. The Rumble Hog can grind away pavement markings, groove pavement for inlaid markings and cut rumble strips with cutting patterns available for banana cuts and sinusoidal cuts.

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