If you want to know how to remove paint from surfaces, look no further!

The Stripe Hog quickly and completely removes all types of durable traffic markings from asphalt and concrete applications while not adversely affecting road surfaces even if that surface is grooved or very porous.

The complete removal of all forms of durable traffic markings from all surfaces has never been as quick, clean and cost-efficient. And perhaps best of all, very little to no confusing mark left behind, NO re-surfacing, and NO secondary clean-up or drying necessary.

Thermoplastic, waterborne paints, epoxy paints, rubberized paints, even temporary and permanent foil backed or waffle tapes do not stand a chance against the 40,000 psi (2750 bar), Stripe Hog!

The very best in high-pressure water blasting and simultaneous vacuum recovery now exist on a single, fully self-contained, mobile unit. The Stripe Hog is transforming the industry, and right now, you have a strategic opportunity to become the leader in your market with a system developed by a contractor like yourself who simply found a better way to perform roadway marking removal.


The Hog Head can be configured to remove all types of durable paint markings. Even on degraded surfaces.

customer testimonials


“Their response times are really good when you’ve got a question, they are on it. They are contractor minded. They know what it costs us to be down. Their inventory stock is massive. Their tech support is first class. Their people, they know what they are doing. They’ve been in the field. They’ve ran the truck. It’s not somebody that got a 40 hour classroom lesson that now they are trying to be your service guy on the phone, telling you how to fix it out in the field. We are real impressed from the top to the bottom. Just genuinely good people.”


“We operate two Stripe Hog Waterblasting machines, a SH8000 and a SH3000. The SH3000 we have just recently purchased and the SH8000 we have had for about four years. They do a fabulous job for us.”