The effects of excessive heat on asphalt pavements can be extremely costly for cities as it causes traffic markings to be “blacked out” by the heated rubber tires of commuters. Some cities are even being forced to replace their thermoplastic road markings on major thoroughfares as frequently as every six months.

The Stripe Hog Waterblasting System can successfully rejuvenate these “blacked out” lines and increase the retro-reflectivity reading back to required readings. The useful life of properly laid thermoplastic, epoxy and tape markings can now be extended indefinitely by properly designed and correctly operated water blasting equipment.


Paint cleaning and rejuvenation isn’t just for roads and bridges; this process can also be used at airports as well, rejuvenating runway center lines quickly and cost effectively. Thanks to the Stripe Hog, roads and runways alike will have a higher degree of safety with little to no closure time.

The Stripe Hog Waterblasting System can remove markings, rubber, contaminates, algae, etc. from markings restoring them to desired reflectivity levels. This cleaning and rejuvenation process will increase the longevity of paint markings; reducing the cost and frequency of re-painting, while at the same time instilling a greater level of safety at your airport.

customer testimonials


“The rejuvenation of runway center lines and retro-reflectivity significantly reduced the need for painting center line stripes.”


“If you do the math, you can purchase something like a Stripe Hog and it pays for itself well within four years, and it will last 15 to 20 years.”