The Surface Hog Pavement Cleaner quickly and completely removes all types of dirt and debris from asphalt, concrete and other solid surfaces with the least amount of negative impact to the surface. The Surface Hog does its work using a variety of hydraulically rotated nozzle configurations up to 2,000 RPM’s and a powerful vacuum recovery system called the Hog Fan, which leaves the surface clean and almost dry. The Surface Hog has the capability to reuse spent water through a multi-stage filter process, which allows the machine to keep working for longer operation periods. Resulting dry debris is then quickly dumped into one big clump that easily falls from the open air tank. The Surface Hog is a compact surface cleaner mounted on an Isuzu NRR or equivalent chassis.

Equipped with a new water filtration and vacuum recovery system, The Surface Hog separates the water from the debris so that the debris is disposed of nearly dry; while the water is filtered to 20 microns, to return to the pump in the recycling process. The ingenious design of this compact unit is that it needs no enclosed vacuum tank. Once the bag is full, it is manually dumped along the work site in small, easy to manage loads. The dirty water is continually pumped back into the clean water tank for recycling, or it also can be continuously drained alongside the work area on either side of the truck

customer testimonials


“The Surface Hog is the best surface cleaner we’ve seen in 10 years”


“This machine is excellent!”