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Umesh Sidhra

Director - Sainath Aviotechnics Pvt Ltd

We as contractors and all our clients are very satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the Stripe Hog SK5500. As contractors, the after sales and technical support from Waterblasting LLC has been very excellent and we find spare availability quite easy to order.

Cliff Hoffman

Operations Manager

The many advantages of the Stripe Hog include: a significant reduction in labor required for a remarking job, no inventory burden, a reduction in lane closure time and traffic-control requirements, and a reduction in the time required to do a job. On the removal phase of a job, we used to worry about time, labor, dust, debris disposal and replacement parts. Now we can comfortably bid a removal job without all the headaches. We currently own two Stripe Hog’s but see the possibility for more than two in the future.

Donald Desrosiers

Director, Airport Infrastructures

The training provided was very good and helpful for our mechanics and operators and the after-sale has been excellent. Even though the equipment is specialized and needs a well-trained operator, the reliability has been commendable since the equipment was acquired in 2014.

Troy LaRue

Alaska State Equipment Fleet Manager

So far we have worked our Stripe Hog in Adak, Dutch Harbor, Cold Bay, Kodiak, and Homer. Today it’s working in King Salmon. The contractor wated to grind the paint off our runway and we told them NO WAY!! We flew the machine to King Salmon at a cost of $27,000.00 but it was worth every penny! It has taken some time to get our construction department to see the value of water blasting, however, all of our projects that will be done from now on will be required to use water blasting for paint removal.

Ebsen Santiago

Puerto Rico Port Authority

Everything about this machine is amazing. We use it for rubber and paint removal. It works well for paint cleaning as well as marking removal. Our runway maintence costs have been dramatically reduced with the addition of this machine to our fleet.

Wayne Johnston


I first discovered the Stripe Hog on the internet. After reviewing the video on the website, I contacted Mr. Crocker to confirm that the footage was indeed authentic and not manipulated in any way. I then went to Florida for a face to face. That was four years ago and I am about to take delivery of my third machine. Need I say more?

Christopher Warren

Vice President of Operations

We are excited to have recently added the Ground Hog to our water blasting arsenal and eager to see what new innovations you are developing for future trucks. We look forward to continue building our relationship with Hog Technologies and seeing just how far we can go in the future.

Chris Hunter

Maintenance Manager

I was water blasting with the never-fail Stripe Hog. That old girl keeps on taking the lines off. We were on a site with another company and they had a different brand of water blaster and it was brand new and our old girl was taking the lines off twice or 3 times as fast as that piece of junk. I was amazed at how good that old girl still works. You guys at Stripe Hog are amazing and always ship my orders fast and always perfect. I appreciate your guys and girls' awesome service and look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Dennis Anderson

Assistant Director of Aviation - Airside Operations

The unit is user friendly and Hog Technologies provided world-class training for our operators upon delivery and follow on training as requested. Above all, the company has provided premier customer service for maintenance and repairs and makes every effort to ensure our unit is returned to operational status as soon as possible.

We have been extremely pleased with the performance of the SH8000 and would recommend a Stripe Hog to any airport considering its purchase!

Michael Fabbiano

Airfield Marking Supervisor

Hog Technologies has a great Customer Service Department being available 24 hours per day, 365 days each year and available in practically every language. All of our service inquires happen during the overnight shift, all calls are handled immediately.

It has been stated many times within our Airfield Maintenance department, that the purchase of the SH8000 has been the best acquisition we have made. As soon as staffing levels increase, CLT is going to seriously look at adding one more Stripe Hog to our inventory.

Eduardo Chamberlain

Engineering & Planning Director

We highly recommend the Stripe Hog system to any airport that is considering the purchase of a water blasting machine. We are extremely pleased of our decision to acquire the SK2000 and our relationship with Hog Technologies.

David Jones

Facilities Manager

In consideration of the foregoing points, the Jacksonville Aviation Authority is most appreciative of the fine job accomplished by your crew and the performance of the Stripe Hog pavement marking and rubber removal system.

Andi Costi

Our aim is to be recognized as the most professional line removal contractor in Australia, providing reliable service & quality performance in the new generation of pavement marking removal. The Stripe Hog has exceeded our expectations and we are driven by the high amount of profit that can be made so quickly and with so much ease. We will be purchasing our third Stripe Hog very soon.

Jim Moorhead

Asst. Superintendent of Field Maintenance

Hog Technologies also has the best Customer Service Program being available 24 hours per day, 365 days each year and available in practically every language. The team is always a pleasure to speak to and eager to help with any situation. They are truly a company who knows how to get things done and will go above and beyond whenever needed.

Peter Noyes

Supervisor III, Traffic Signs & Markings

The combination of the efficiency, quality and speed with we are able to remove existing faded or inapplicable road markings has been truly impressive and the technology has been very quickly embraced by the entire crew as well as the Traffic Division as whole. As an added note the follow up and tech support we have received from Hog Technologies has been first rate in every instance.

Rafael Mendes

General Manager, Rucker Equipment Co.

Infraero has been extremely happy with the performance of the Stripe Hog 8000 purchased in 2007. Rubber removal has never been completed faster and produced such exceptional results on Brazils’ runways. Infraero has shared this initial unit among 8 of its’ 67 airports in Brazil and has been very pleased with its’ performance.

Don Kortemeier

Maintenance Superintendent

The Stripe Hog has improved our paint program allowing us to easily meet our Part 139 requirements.

Your personnel will get the best training available out there. They provide video, instruction manuals for review and onsite training for multiple operators. A reliable customer service department is also very important for airports. They keep a large inventory and replacement parts are normally sent the same day you place an order. We can always reach them day or night 365 days a year.

I have been extremely satisfied with our Stripe Hog SH8000 machine and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in performing paint and rubber removal.

Heinz Hoidis

General Manager

The Stripe Hog is a perfect machine for the Autobahn: no speed limit! In comparison to other waterblasting systems we operate, the Stripe Hog shows clearly the best performance with respect to speed and quality of operation. Our customer the German autobahn authorities are very demanding with their requirements for the removal of roadmarking without damaging the road surface. Direct absorption of the process water is a must with respect to the existing environmental standards. The Stripe Hog complies to all of those requirements and enables us to execute our contracts with a minimum interruption of the autobahn traffic.

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