The Stripe Hog quickly and completely removes all types of residues such as oil and petroleum from pavement surfaces to reduce the risk of negative environmental impacts from runoff water. Additionally, removing these materials ensures new paint markings will adhere properly and the life of them will be extended through proper cleaning and maintenance.

The very best in high-pressure water blasting and simultaneous vacuum recovery now exist on a single, fully self-contained, mobile unit. The Stripe Hog® is transforming the industry, and right now, you have a strategic opportunity to become the leader in your market with a system developed by a contractor like yourself who simply found a better way to perform surface cleaning.

customer testimonials


“We’ve been extremely pleased with the performance of the SH8000 and would recommend a Stripe Hog to any airport considering its purchase.”


“PMI purchased a Stripe Hog 8000 about seven years ago from Waterblasting Technologies. PMI purchased the Stripe Hog because it was a more dependable, better-performing hard surface area cleaner than waterblasters purchased previously.”