Product Articles

Product 04/04/22
Innovative Safety, Efficiency, and Useability – In a Smaller Package

Product 01/07/22
Roadway Champion: A New Standard for Precision

Product 08/05/21
The Hog Tusk is Three Functions in One Blasting Head!

Product 05/09/21
The Triple Spray Bar is Changing the Game!

Product 03/02/21
Hog Technologies Expands Into Yet Another Market with the Grinder Hog

Product 01/18/21
The Stripe Hog Continues to Innovate

Product 10/20/20
Versatile Thermoplastic Marking with the Thermo Melter Skid

Product 12/30/19
Hog Technologies Delivers First Truck to European Airport

Product 07/12/19
Pittsburgh International Airport Features the Stripe Hog

Hog Pump
Product 04/18/19
Introducing the Hog Pump

Product 04/17/19
Are Rumble Strips Bad for Tires?

As a driver, hitting a pothole or a large bump can startle you and make you wonder…

Product 04/17/19
What Are the Four Types of Shoulder Rumble Strips

Thermo Hog Overview
Product 04/17/19
The Thermo Hog Melts the Competition

The Thermo Hog TH8000 is a revolutionary new product from Hog…

head of surface hog
Product 04/17/19
Porous Asphalt Cleaning With The Surface Hog

Porous asphalt has a unique purpose. It helps manage stormwater by allowing the…

Product 04/16/19
Rumble Strips Save Lives

Imagine that it is late at night. You’re on the road coming back from a business…

Product 04/16/19
The HT1000SR Self-Rotating Ground Hog Featured in Paint Square

Product 04/16/19
Stripe-A-Zone Purchases Waterblasting Technologies’ First Paint Hog

Product 04/16/19
When You Invest In a Stripe Hog for Paint & Rubber Removal

When considering the purchase of a water blasting system for paint removal and…

surface hog
Product 04/16/19
Airport Ramp Fuel Spill Cost Comparison

Two of the major causes of ramp fuel spills are refueling accidents and thermal…

Product 04/16/19
The Stripe Hog Does the Impossible; Surface Removal In One Night

Product 02/22/17
How to Remove Pavement Markings in a Rumble Strip

Product 04/08/15

Product 03/12/15
Stripe Hog vs. Star Jet

Product 04/11/14
Stripe Hog Productivity Options

Product 09/19/13
Getting A Hog In 48 Hours Vs. 48 days!

Product 06/03/13
Delivering a New Stripe Hog Anywhere in the World

Product 05/21/13
Why Airports Do Paint & Rubber Removal In-House

Product 02/14/11
Numbers Don’t Lie: Stripe Hog SH8000R is the Truth

Product 01/01/11
Stripe Hog SH8000R Exceeds Expectations in Maryland