Roadway & Runway Services


Roadway Marking Removal

Hog Technologies' unique Stripe Hog system can quickly eliminate even the most resilient pavement markings while still protecting the integrity of the surface. The needle-sharp water jets blasting at 40,000 psi are able to penetrate the porous surface of the road surface and extract the paint or thermoplastic with the least amount of negative impact to the surface.

Airfield Marking Removal

Hog Technologies' technicians are experts in Airport Marking Removal! They have removed millions of square feet of rubber and paint at airports around the world with the award-winning Stripe Hog. Our equipment for Airport Marking Removal includes truck-mounted, self-propelled, walk behind and hand-held removal systems. This versatility allows us to have the perfect machine for any job.

Runway Rubber Removal

Our Runway Rubber Removal equipment includes truck-mounted, self-propelled, walk-behind and hand-held water blasting systems. This versatility allows us to have the perfect water blasting equipment for any job requirement. Since there are no chemicals used in water blasting, the integrity of the surface stays intact. In addition, our systems do not use rotating brushes so the surface of the runway is not damaged by any abrasive steel bristles.


One of the methods of marking removal involves grinding away the marking. Hog Technologies uses its Rumble Hog RH7500 to remove road markings via this method as grinding has proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to remove pavement markings.

Thermoplastic Marking

Hog Technologies' Thermo Hog system can quickly apply thermoplastic markings to pavement surfaces. With our patented melter, our Thermo Hog can be ready to go in under 1 hour, allowing us to quickly and efficiently complete any thermoplastic marking job!


Grooving pavement for inlay markings is beneficial for colder climates. During the winter, plows remove accumulated snow from roadways and can damage pavement markings in doing so. With an inlay marking, the pavement is grooved and a marking is placed in the recess, allowing for safe plowing or other forms of road maintenance without damaging the marking.


Traffic safety is always a top priority for the Department of Transportation. Whether it is a rumble strip on a centerline or a shoulder, Hog Technologies can cut it with our Rumble Hog. We can cut rumble strips in various patterns and widths and even do sinusoidal, banana, and plunge cuts.

Surface Cleaning & Preparation

Hog Technologies uses 7,250 psi of high-pressure water to clean and prepare surfaces. Whether it is to restore traction for safety reasons or for preparing pavement for other work such as new markings, our services can clean any surface with the least amount of negative impact.


To provide the best and most comprehensive water blasting and surface preparation services in the industry for the state of FLorida.

Hog Technologies. has provided its unique water blasting services across Florida and we will go where needed. We believe in water blasting power, our custom designed equipment and our water blasting technicians.

The applications of water blasting are virtually limitless, and we pride ourselves on perfecting new techniques for both water blasting and vacuum recovery. We strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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Customer Testimonials

Dawn Brown

VP of Operations, Roberts Traffic Marking

I have worked with the field ops team at Hog Technologies for almost a decade. Relationships are important and we trust that they will always be there for us. On time, professional, and fabulous to work beside!

Robert Stansifer

COO, Marking Impressions, Corp dba Pope Striping, American Waterblasting & Speidel Airfield Markings, Inc

Our most demanding waterblasting projects have required partners we can rely on who will match our commitment to the customer. Hog Technologies has always met that standard, regardless of the location or schedule challenges. I attribute this to the quality of the team and the leadership guiding it. We are grateful to have them as partners in our success and honored to be partners in theirs.