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Paint & Coating Removal

Hog Technologies has yet to encounter a coating that can withstand the impact of 40,000 psi of water pressure. The secret to water blasting lies in the versatility of the nozzle configuration. The advanced nozzles of Hog Technologies allows a skilled technician to adjust flow and pressure to produce the desired removal while leaving the substrate intact..Paint, elastomerics, epoxies, fiberglass coatings, enamels, and urethanes are easily removed with ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water blasting.

Marine Coating Removal

Ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water jetting or water blasting is the preferred method for marine removal of coatings from aluminum and steel vessel surface preparation. Hog Technologies provides marine coating removal services for exterior vessel surfaces, interior ballast, fuel tanks and other confined areas. Hog Technologies can also provide rust inhibitors that can be added to the blasting water preventing flash rusting for up to two days. The methods used by us are dust and debris free, require no other form of blast media and we leave surfaces in as-good or better condition than they existed originally.

Pool Coating Removal

Water blasting is the best method of preparing swimming pools for a new surface finish. It is environmentally friendly and there is minimal clean up. Probably the greatest advantage to using water blasting with pools is the vast difference in hydraulic pressures between sandblasting and water blasting. Hog Technologies uses 40,000 psi water jets when water blasting pool surfaces.

Power Plant Cleaning

Power plant cleaning often calls for re-coating and refinishing of tanks, pipes, and other areas in and around the plant. As the paint coating wears off, it corrodes and eventually needs replacing. Another common problem with power plant equipment involves mineral deposits that can collect on clarifiers, pipes, floor tanks and other surfaces. Hog Technologies offers services to remove both coatings and mineral deposits in a safe, convenient, and effective method that employs the use of water blasting or ultra-high-pressure (UHP) equipment.

Sewage Plant Cleaning

Due to the noxious nature of sewage treatment facilities, sewage plant pipes, tanks and equipment have a unique set of obstacles when it comes to structural maintenance. All concrete areas above the liquid line level are affected by corrosive, destructive gases emitted from the waste contents. This slow but steady release of gases deteriorates the surrounding concrete, eventually leading to the need for removal and replacement. Hog Technologies offers services that employ water blasting to remove the spalling concrete and allow a viable surface for new concrete to be applied. Traditional methods are simply ineffective when compared to our ultra high pressure water jetting services. A jackhammer, for instance, may effectively break up the delaminated concrete but in the process causes stress fractures in the surrounding structure.

Water Treatment Plant Cleaning

If you are a water treatment plant facilities operator, you know the complications that occur with the cleaning of your facility. In many cases, hard mineral deposits have accumulated on the various components of the system. These deposits collect inside of the clarifier dome, inside the pipes, on the rakes, and sometimes on the floors and walls. As the build-up increases, efficiency decreases. These mineral deposits are very heavy, and if allowed to compile, they can burn-up motors and completely clog pipes. Hog Technologies' 40,000 psi water blasters quickly remove hardened mineral deposits without damaging underlying coatings.


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