The ALTA 400 Mini Striper Has Become the Mini HOG After HOG Technologies Purchases Company

Stuart, FL, June 29, 2021 – Hog Technologies, the global leader in pavement maintenance solutions, announces that they have acquired ALTA, a manufacturer of portable striping machines and solutions.

HOG Technologies has been expanding its line of thermoplastic striping equipment. Originally creating the Thermo HOG as a thermoplastic longline striping solution, HOG Technologies has increased the Thermo HOG’s product line to four different models as well as a line of skids that utilize the same melting technology as their chassis-mounted vehicles.

Acquiring ALTA allows them to expand their line of thermoplastic products even more by improving the ALTA 400 as the Mini HOG. Realizing the capabilities of the Mini HOG, HOG Technologies created two additional models that can lay waterborne paint or tape in addition to thermoplastic.

With the purchase, HOG Technologies assures ALTA customers that they will fully support any ALTA 400 unit for both service and spare parts.

“We are committed to ensuring that those customers who were with ALTA before continue to receive service with the machines they have already purchased,” says Vince Giordano, Vice President of Sales. “Our customers have been asking for a smaller, more affordable striping solution and we felt that this was the perfect opportunity to give that solution to them.”

The Mini HOG is available to order now in all three of its model variations. To speak with a sales representative about the Mini HOG, contact us today at sales@thehog.com

For more information on the Mini HOG or any other pavement solution products, please visit http://www.thehog.com

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