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Company 04/17/19
TCPalm Highlights Hog Technologies’ Groundbreaking

TCPalm, who is affiliated with USA Today and runs The Stuart News in Stuart, Florida,…

the hog team
Company 04/17/19
Many Expansion of Martin County Manufacturer Mean Over 100 New Hires

STUART—It started as a small pressure-washing business before growing into a global…

from Waterblasting Technologies to Hog Technologies
Company 04/17/19
Welcome to Hog Technologies!

Waterblasting Technologies is transforming into something bigger! For 30 years,…

head of surface hog
Product 04/17/19
Porous Asphalt Cleaning With The Surface Hog

Porous asphalt has a unique purpose. It helps manage stormwater by allowing the…

Product 04/16/19
Rumble Strips Save Lives

Imagine that it is late at night. You’re on the road coming back from a business…

Technology 04/16/19
Optimizing Your Productivity

When it comes to removing markings from roads and highways, there are many things…

Product 04/16/19
The HT1000SR Self-Rotating Ground Hog Featured in Paint Square

Company 04/16/19
OSHA Leaves Contractors in the Dust

Company 04/16/19
Waterblasting Technologies featured in the “Power Source” magazine

Product 04/16/19
Stripe-A-Zone Purchases Waterblasting Technologies’ First Paint Hog

Product 04/16/19
When You Invest In a Stripe Hog for Paint & Rubber Removal

When considering the purchase of a water blasting system for paint removal and…

Company 04/16/19
Your Spare Parts System is Critical to Your Success!

surface hog
Product 04/16/19
Airport Ramp Fuel Spill Cost Comparison

Two of the major causes of ramp fuel spills are refueling accidents and thermal…

Product 04/16/19
The Stripe Hog Does the Impossible; Surface Removal In One Night

Product 02/22/17
How to Remove Pavement Markings in a Rumble Strip