September 9, 2021

The Hog Difference and Expansion with Hog South

HOG Technologies has a 30+ year history in the road and airport industry in which they have become the global leader. Innovation alone hasn’t created their success but rather it has in conjunction with something they call The HOG Difference.

HOG Technologies once only manufactured water blasting equipment. Every Stripe HOG received a user’s manual, some training videos, and a Spare Parts SYSTEM to guarantee that customers had the parts they needed when they needed them.

Now, HOG Technologies manufactures multiple systems for various solutions including the Grinder HOG, Rumble HOG, Thermo HOG, Epoxy HOG, Mini HOG, Surface HOG, and Demolition HOG. They knew that with a wide range of systems, simply offering spare parts wasn’t going to continue to allow them to be industry leaders.

The first thing HOG Technologies offers as part of their HOG Difference is 24/7/365 Customer Support. Whether it is a general question or a complicated issue that requires the attention of an experienced technician, HOG Technologies will answer your call at any time of the day or night within 10 minutes in any language. HOG Technologies employs a team of technicians and engineers with over 100 years of combined experience.

HOG Technologies also has CRMs, or Customer Relations Managers, that will periodically call each of our customers just to check in, make sure their equipment is working properly, or to see if they need any parts of assistance.

The second component in The HOG Difference is their HOG Tech University (HTU) training program. HTU ensures that every operator is properly trained and licensed for each piece of equipment they manufacture. HOG Technologies has discovered that the majority of jobs that produced damage or undesirable results came at the fault of an improperly trained operator. This is why HOG Technologies makes owning a license to operate their equipment a requirement. By doing so, the customer can Maximize Productivity, Minimize Costs, and Optimize Results.

Of course, they still offer spare parts. To ensure that you receive your spare parts as quickly as possible, they will ship 98% of spare parts orders the same day that the order is received no matter where you are in the world. With offices in the United States, the Czech Republic, and Dubai, HOG Technologies has the inventory available and ready to ship!

In January 2020, HOG Technologies celebrated the grand opening of their new 105,000 square foot “HOGQuarters” in Stuart, FL. It allowed the company to expand from 8 to 18 production bays to meet increasing demand; however, the orders kept coming in and even more expansion was needed.

This is why, in order to keep up with demand, HOG Technologies purchased a company named Simplified Fabricators in West Palm Beach, FL. Now rebranded as HOG South, it expands its fabrication capabilities with state-of-the-art technology and expands the team size by an additional 36 members.

HOG Technologies continues to grow and has positioned itself as THE recognized global leader in the roadway and airport industries. Today, the company has machines owned in 56 countries around the world and performs work in over 80 countries. 93% of North American airports that own a water blaster, own a Stripe HOG, and major international airports such as the Airport Authority of India, Dubai International Airport, and Prague International Airport own multiple Stripe HOG machines.

HOG Technologies turns the ordinary into extraordinary through The HOG Difference.