June 11, 2021

Learn, Watch, Certify, and Operate with Hog Tech University

Hog Tech University is an online and in-person training program offered by HOG Technologies for operators to learn the best practices of operating their HOG. It also serves as a one-stop hub for online resources, documents, manuals, tech support videos, and more.

By engaging through HOG Tech University, you are guaranteed to minimize costs, maximize productivity and optimize your results.

Once a customer purchases a piece of HOG equipment, operators go through a training program filled with detailed educational videos, exams, and in-person training. At the end of their training process, they will become certified and licensed to operate their product. HOG Technologies asks customers to maintain licensed operators in their vehicles. Companies that maintain certified HOG operators on average complete their job bid quicker, solve issues within the fleet team, have higher production rates, keep spare parts cost down, and extend the life of their vehicle.

HOG Technologies has discovered that the majority of poorly performed work is the result of inexperienced operators that were improperly operating the equipment due to a lack of training and/or understanding. These costly mistakes can negatively impact a company’s reputation and potentially cost them future jobs.

Training an operator once isn’t where our training program ends. HOG Technologies believes in continuing education and requires all operators to renew their licenses each year. Training is not a one-time event but a continuous process that begins with an event.

Operators will be sent reminders to take refresher courses and rewatch educational videos to ensure that they stay up-to-date on their product. By continually offering training, it helps an operator perform their job to the highest level of efficiency possible and give them the tools that they need to step into an instructor role themselves.

HOG Tech University is more than just an online training course, it also has several support videos, manuals, calculation sheets, and more. All of the operators enrolled have a team of experienced and certified trainers available to them whenever needed. Even after certification, there is a team of engineers with years of combined experience available, and 24/7/365 tech support that will answer your call within 10 minutes and in any language.

If you need spare parts for your equipment, HOG Technologies has a team that ensures that 98% of spare parts orders are shipped to you the same day that the order is received. With offices in the USA, Czech Republic, and Dubai… HOG ensures fast delivery of parts when a customer needs them.

HOG Technologies is built around the success of its customers. This is why HOG Tech University is the highest standard of training in the industry. It transforms the incidental to the intentional and a course into a career.

With nearly 1,500 operators certified in 56 countries around the world, HOG Tech University is a proven, successful method to ensure that all jobs are performed at the highest level possible.