January 18, 2021

The Stripe Hog Continues to Innovate

Hog Technologies has built its name on the Stripe Hog water blasting system. After achieving a system that has won multiple awards, Hog Technologies hasn’t become content with the product that is #1 choice among airports and roadway contractors around the world.

Hog Technologies continues to innovate to make every job easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. In order to do so, they’ve come up with two brand-new model and two brand-new attachments!

The Stripe Hog 24.0

The Stripe Hog SH8000 was long touted as the water blasting machine with the fastest removal rates in the industry. With a flow rate of 12 GPM (45 LPM), and a rubber removal rate of 40,000 sqft. (3,716 m²) per hour, it was easy to stake a claim such as that. So, what happens when you add a second 40,000 psi (2,750 bar) pump and two more 1,000 gal (3,785 liter) water tanks? You end up with the Stripe Hog SH24.0 that boasts a flow rate of 24 GPM (190 LPM) and a rubber removal rate of 80,000 sqft (7,432 m²) per hour!

With all of that power, Hog Technologies realized that they were going to need a bigger spray bar. With this realization, their new Triple-Head Spray Bar was created. Three 16” (40 cm) spray bars were joined together under a single head in order to produce a 48” (121 cm) wide blasting path. This was perfect for airfield marking removal as well as road retexturing; however, Hog Technologies knew they could do better with the power of the SH24.0.

The SH24.0 is able to house up to 3 of these Triple-Head Spray Bars for a total blasting width of 96” (243 cm) once you factor out the overlap due to the spray heads’ positioning. With such a wide path, road retexturing jobs have their time investment significantly reduced!

Of course, while this innovation works best with the SH24.0, Hog Technologies had something else up their sleeves for their entire Stripe Hog line of water blasters. That new innovation is the all-in-one Hog Tusk blasting head.

The Hog Tusk combined 40,000 psi (2,750 bar) water jet nozzles with PCD grinding teeth. The head can attach to most Stripe Hog models and can either grind or water blasting independently, or perform both functions simultaneously.

By using both functions at once, the grinder will remove the marking down to the surface and the needle-sharp water jets will remove the remainder of the marking from within the deep recesses of the pavement’s macro and micro textures. Because the grinder is going the bulk of the work, lines can be removed 50% faster all while using half of the required amount of water to remove a marking!

Lastly, Hog Technologies has another brand-new model for those who are looking for a water blaster that fits their budget without sacrificing any power. They introduced the Stripe Hog SK5.2 which is a skid-mounted auxiliary engine-driven water blaster that can be mounted onto the chassis of your choice. If desired, they can even build the SK5.2 on a trailer for you to tow.

The SK5.2 boasts the same 40,000 psi (2,750 bar) power as all of our other Stripe Hogs and has a flow rate of 5.2 GPM (19 LPM). The SK5.2 also comes with our HT1000 Ground Hog walk-behind tool which features a 14” blasting head and can operate up to 300’ (91 m) away from the unit. If desired, the SK5.2 also supports our HT2500 Hog Rider tractor.

These are just some of the innovations coming out of Hog Technologies when it comes to water blasting. The Stripe Hog continues to be the leading choice in the industry and with these new innovations, Hog Technologies looks to keep that #1 spot for many years to come!