October 20, 2020

Versatile Thermoplastic Marking with the Thermo Melter Skid

Hog Technologies continues to be your Total Pavement Solution with new ideas and innovations to make any job simpler. The latest solution from Hog Technologies is our Thermo Melter Skids which takes the power of our revolutionary Thermo Hog and transforms it into versatile skids that you can mount to the vehicle of your choice.

Just like the Thermo Hog, the Thermo Melter Skid features our Kettles that are capable of melting thermoplastic at a safe temperature of 500°F which prevents the material from being scorched or burnt. We offer skids of different sizes to fit any job as well. The skids are available in 1,250, 4,000, and 8,000 lbs. Our skids can house up to two kettles, granting you the ability to melt two colors simultaneously!

Because our system uses heated oil to evenly heat the entire surface of the kettle, there is no need to let the material cool and settle to the bottom. You can instantly shut down the skid and start it back up at the beginning of your next job and the kettle will evenly melt the leftover material. Start-up times for the system are ultra-fast compared to conventional kettles. You can be up and running in under 1 hour!

Our skids can quickly melt thermoplastic to keep up with the demands of any job. Our 8,000 lb. model melts 8,000 lbs. per hr, our 4,000 lb. model melts 6,000 lbs per hour, and our dual-color 1,250 lb. model melts 1,000 lbs. per hr per kettle for an overall total of 2,000 lbs. per hour. All models feature a 1 million BTU triple-pass burner to give you the performance you need when you need it.

On our higher models, thermoplastic is pumped using our proven Hog Pump. Our Hog Pump is 33% smaller and 33% lighter than most competitive pumps and was built to specifically pump thermoplastic. There is also no need to remove the pump from the skid for maintenance or repair as the pump can be repaired while still attached without replacing the entirety of the pump.

It is these very same innovations that we have used to build our Thermo Hog trucks that have revolutionized the thermoplastic industry. With that same innovation on a convenient skid, we are confident that we can deliver this innovation to anywhere in the world while meeting our customer’s specific thermoplastic needs!