April 16, 2019

Your Spare Parts System is Critical to Your Success!

For each product that Waterblasting Technologies produces, the Customer Support team has developed a system of spare parts to keep in two places: on your vehicle and back at your shop. Customer Support supplies a set of labeled parts boxes so you will know exactly what you need to keep on your Stripe Hog to operate at maximum efficiency.

There are fourteen people in Customer Support that work with approximately $3,000,000 worth of spare parts inventory at Waterblasting Technologies to support its growing global customer base.

The goal of Customer Support is to ship 98% of the parts orders in full on the same day the order is placed. The Customer Support staff supports ten languages in house and has immediate access to 175 languages to better communicate with Waterblasting Technologies’ global customer base.

Customer Support reminds you to, periodically depending on your product, check the inventory of the parts on your truck and at your shop. Parts should be ordered as the system suggests to always have inventory levels adequate on your truck and in your shop. In the system you’ll find the non-critical parts such as wheels, vacuum hoses, and shrouds recommended to be stocked at your facility. This will eliminate an unnecessary downtime.

Having the proper consumable items on hand is critical to your success and we take it very serious because we started as contractors and still have a contracting division to serve as a laboratory for new product development. To make sure you have the right type and quantity of spare parts, call Waterblasting Technologies’ Customer Support Team any time! Our highly experienced staff will make recommendations on spare parts inventory based upon your machine, its usage and age.

Our Customer Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling 1-772-214-1714.