Digging and Recovery

The Hog Digger
The Hog Digger HD1400 is a skid mounted hydroexcavator and industrial vacuum system that is designed to allow quick and easy excavation of rocks, dirt, sand, or other debris using a combination of either high-pressure air or water and vacuum without damaging any embedded utilities or other underlying infrastructure.

Vacuum Recovery Solutions
Our vacuum systems were developed to reduce the need for massive truck systems that are expensive and unnecessarily bulky. By using a simple method of separating air from debris we’ve reduced the effective size of equipment giving the customer an unlimited number of dumping and disposal options to choose from.

Hydro Excavation Solutions

Hog Digger

3,000 psi # 3 GPM, 250 gal fresh water tank, 500 gal debris tank. Hose diameter: 4"

Vacuum Recovery Solutions

Vacuum Skid

800-6,000 CFM, Up to 20" HG

Vacuum Conveyor

1,400-6,000 CFM, Up to 27" HG

Hydro Excavation

Dig with water or air to access pipes, wires, cables, tree roots, or other buried items without damaging or destroying items not easily seen

Vacuum Recovery

Recovery systems ranging from 800-6,000 CFM that can be mounted to skid or come standalone.