The award-winning, Stripe Hog is not only the most advanced but the most productive rubber and paint airport marking removal system in the industry today. The Stripe Hog captive water blasting system is ideally suited for pavement marking removal, runway rubber removal, curing compound removal on new concrete, pavement marking rejuvenation and cleaning, surface preparation before new markings are applied, and cleaning oil, jet-blast residue, and grease from taxiways and gate areas. No other system offers the same level of versatility and performance on a single truck chassis. When curing compound must be completely removed before attempting to apply new markings, the Stripe Hog will not only remove the curing compound at lightning fast speeds but it also provides a profile to the surface ideal for new marking adhesion. The system’s immediate vacuum recovery ensures that the curing compound is completely removed from the surface to avoid any compound remaining on the concrete prior to the next set of markings. The very best in high-pressure water blasting and simultaneous vacuum recovery now exist on a single, fully self-contained, mobile unit.

customer testimonials


“This machine also is capable of removing concrete cure compound which was instrumental to the successful completion of reconstructing our primary departure runway.”


“I think they are cutting edge when it comes to waterblasting. They are tops in the industry.”