Advantages of the Thermo Pre-Melter

Hog Kettles – two fully oil-jacketed, lateral kettles located within the deck equipped with a state of the art mixing and blending system

Designed around operator safety, the kettles have added safety provisions including: lid safety door to prevent splash, and no exposure to open flame with heat never exceeding the melting threshold (550° Fahrenheit)

Incorporates exclusive Hog Melting Technology, proven over time in our long line melting & application truck

New mixer design with paddles to push unmelted materials against the kettle walls to maximize melting capabilities

Control Panel – labelled switch board for most operational controls in one convenient location and including temperature readout

Bag Loading – low profile loading chute, located conveniently to eliminate operator fatigue – no need for conveyor or lift deck

Hydraulic system – runs the internal mixers, and hot oil pump

Material storage deck – open deck space for palletized, Unmelted materials and hand liner equipment with a gate for operator safety

Thermo delivery – equipped with manual levers to expel thermoplastic from the kettles into your striping equipment through flexible hoses for easy clean up

Two (2) 2,000 lbs. steel kettles – with two rear discharge ports (one per color)

400,000 BTU 18” burner

Electronic temperature readout and controls

Gravity fed spillways and manual valves

Powder coated steel skid frame

Applications of the Thermo Pre-Melter

Technical Specs

Kettle Capacity2x 2,200 lbs.
Burner400,000 BTU
START-UP TIMEUnder 1 hour


Get the Thermo Pre-Melter specification sheet that you can print and save to your computer for review at any time. A great tool for model comparisons and for comparing the Thermo Pre-Melter to other manufacturer's equipment. Specification sheets contain:

  • Complete Model Specifications
  • List of Model Options
  • List of Model Applications
Thermo Pre-Melters Spec Sheet