February 10, 2020

New Innovations Are Here at Hog Technologies!

Hog Technologies continues to innovate new and efficient solutions for the road and airport industries! Here are just some of the innovations from HOG!

Introducing the Hog Tusk

Hog Technologies unveiled their brand-new Hog Tusk attachment. The Hog Tusk is a single head can attach to a variety of Stripe Hog models. What makes this head different from the rest is the combination of PCD grinding teeth and water jet nozzles.

This grinding/water blasting combination will use the teeth to grind the marking down to the pavement’s surface while the 40,000 psi water jets will remove the marking at the surface resulting in zero damage. The Hog Tusk can be adjusted using in-cab PLC controls that are accurate to 5 mil.

The Hog Tusk is also versatile as it can be used as a standalone grinder, a standalone water blaster, or both functions simultaneously.

The Hog Tusk also increases production time on the job. The Hog Tusk only uses ½ the water as a standard water blasting head which gives you 2x the performance. This allows an operator to stay on the job longer and remove lines at twice the normal speed, thus completing jobs quicker and more efficiently.

The Hog Tusk is available NOW and ONLY available from HOG

Hog Pump

The Hog Pump was specifically designed to pump thermoplastic for our thermoplastic longline truck, the Thermo Hog. However, the Hog Pump isn’t just for the Thermo Hog. It can be retrofitted onto any existing thermoplastic truck such as MRL and Arrow without any modification to hydraulics!

The Hog Pump is about half the size and around 371 lbs. lighter than the competitive pump. Also, the Hog Pump comes with a 3-year lifespan guarantee. If there is ever a need to service or repair the pump, it can be done so in place without having to remove the pump from the truck. It also takes around ½ the cost of a new pump to repair, saving you money.

The Hog Pump comes in different sizes with flow rates up to 80 GPM to handle any job that you may need.