March 15, 2011

Water Recycling Increases Productivity By 33%!

Letter from Paul Dubois:

Hello All,

Wednesday night, Mike and I started the rubber removal project at Orlando International Airport (MCO). I started at the north end of runway and Mike started at south end. The north end was 3,000 ft. x 46 ft. for a total of 138,000 sq. ft. The south end was 2,000 ft. x 46 ft. for a total of 92,000 sq. ft.

Mike and I completed each of our designated areas at the same time. This means that in the same amount of time, I completed 46,000 more sq. ft. because I was able to stay on the runway in the SH8000R, while Mike had to leave the runway to get more water and decant dirty water.

This removal was completed in less than 8 hours of run time. All in all, I feel the whole week went well. I will inform you all of the overall stats for the week once we’re done. Have a great day.