August 15, 2019

Operator Provides Solution for Autistic Children

The Today Show featured an article on Jason Ridge, a Stripe Hog operator at Pittsburgh International Airport, who is bringing solutions for autistic children when it comes to flying. Ridge’s own son, Presley, is autistic himself so he found that sensory rooms at Presley’s school helped calm his nerves and motivated him to interact with others. Jason did some research and presented the idea to Christina Cassortis, Pittsburgh International’s CEO, who responded two weeks later by saying “This is going to happen.”

Because of Jason’s actions, Pittsburgh International now has a sensory room for autistic travelers to help calm them down before taking a flight. The room simulates the size of an airport cabin and contains calming lights, bubble tubes, and is completely soundproof.

We here at Hog Technologies are proud to see differences being made in the world by our Hog Team! Whether a team member working at home or an operator working out in the world, we always encourage everyone to make a positive difference and therefore, we want to recognize Jason for his tremendous contributions!

You can check out the full article from The Today Show via the link below: