July 23, 2015

How long it takes the surface to dry after blasting

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the amount of time necessary for any moisture, introduced by the Stripe Hog Systems’ marking removal method, to dissipate from concrete & asphalt surfaces. To accomplish this task, we conducted a series of thorough tests for our client, We utilized an extensive inventory of moisture meters and other related equipment to positively identify the amount of time necessary for the blasted surfaces to return to the same moisture content as the adjacent unblasted, unaffected areas. (equilibrium moisture content).

Our client was utilizing the Stripe Hog, Stripe Removal System operating at 40,000 psi and a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute. This system also features a high powered vacuum system also manufactured by our client to remove the water used and any debris or material generated. The system is designed to remove markings from roads and runway surfaces and leave the surface in a clean and almost dry condition. This series of tests were conducted at McGee Tyson Airport (Knoxville, TN).

Chuck Dewald’s Structure Drying School
Dewald Drying Institute