June 3, 2013

Delivering a New Stripe Hog Anywhere in the World

Some of our competitors say it takes a year for us to deliver a unit. They also say our water blasting systems are too complex to operate and too expensive to own. Let’s review the Stripe Hog SK3000, as an example, for accuracy of these claims. SK300_Glory Shot

The Stripe Hog SK3000 Waterblasting System can be built in a 6 week time frame after receipt of order (ARO). Contractors and airports located anywhere in the world could be removing any type of pavement marking within the following time frame approximations:

Life cycle of SK3000


Within the USA Outside of the USA
  • 6 weeks : Unit build time
  • 1 – 5 days : Shipping to your location
  • 1 week : Training program
  • 6 weeks : Unit build time
  • 4 – 6 weeks : Shipping to your location
  • 1 week : Skid is fitted to local chassis
  • 1 week : Training program

7 – 8 Weeks Total

12 – 14 Weeks Total

Within the USA, you could be successfully operating your SK3000 within 7 – 8 weeks and outside of the USA, within 14 weeks.

SK3000 Container Load

The design of the system is smaller than other water blasting units available. This means the overall weight of the system is reduced and in turn, the unit is not only easier to ship, but also more appealing to locations where a larger system doesn’t make sense. We are shipping units quickly and at a fraction of the cost due to the SK3000’s unique skid design and the ability to transport inside of a shipping container.


SK3000 Cargo Load

In comparison to other water blasting systems on the market, the Stripe Hog SK3000 is one of the simplest systems to operate. Using an auxiliary engine that powers the pump and vacuum, the system incorporates the HT2500 Hog Rider mobile blasting unit, making it one of the most versatile water blasting tools available. This tool has the ability to be used not only on long stretches of road line markings, but also on very detailed removal projects such as turn arrows, stop bars, airport apron cleaning or even within a parking garage.


The SK3000 excels at any type of pavement marking removal, surface preparation and runway rubber removal. All Stripe Hog’s are also shipped with our mobile spare parts and tool system, making sure that you have what you need, when you need it.

As a result of the simplicity of the system and components, the price point of this unit makes it an affordable system to own and operate. When you invest in a Stripe Hog, you not only become the owner of a world-renowned water blasting system, you also gain the support and knowledge of a first-class Customer Service Department. With 24-hour a day, 7-days a week customer support assistance, available in 9 different languages, you can be sure that the success and profitability of your machine is our top priority. At Waterblasting Technologies you aren’t just another customer, you are a member of the Stripe Hog family.

If you still have questions about whether or not the Stripe Hog SK3000 is the right fit for you or if you are ready to begin your successful water blasting operation in a few short weeks, contact us today!