December 22, 2012

Solve Marking Removal Problems With a Stripe Hog

There are many challenges (we like to call them opportunities) when it comes to pavement marking removal equipment. This short, recent, customer video clip shows the Stripe Hog SH8000 overcoming these…opportunities.

Typical pavement marking removal challenges

  • Too much damage to the underlying surface , creating a dangerous rut for motorcyclists and motorists.
  • Conflicting markings, caused by the removal of too much aggregate, creates dangerous driving conditions for motorists which are exacerbated during the night or in rainy conditions.

As seen in the above video; the pavement marking is completely removed, the asphalt is not being damaged and no dangerous rut has been created.

Since the cleaned asphalt will return to the color of the surrounding asphalt with a few months of weather, there will be no conflicting marking of any kind.

Thank you, to our Italy based customer Eurojet for this footage!

This video, shot in Italy, is a Stripe Hog Waterblasting System SH8000 removing very thick pavement markings from asphalt.

To see a demo on how the Stripe Hog Waterblasting System can solve your pavement marking removal equipment problems, call 1-772-214-1714 today or click here!