Advantages of the Pre-Melter

The Thermoplastic Pre-Melter mounts to a skid or truck.

Direct drive hydraulic agitation with proven blending, scraping and mixing.

Improved agitator motor mount and coupling system allows for removal of motor and top ½ of the coupler with simple removal of 2 bolts and hoses.

Manual hydraulic lever action valve for independent operation of each mixer in forward, reverse, and neutral with independent speed control.

Lower overall profile with lower feed height reduces operator fatigue.

Safety feed door to prevent molten thermo splash back while feeding material.

High durable visibility temperature controls with intuitive setting controls.

Each Melter is equipped with a redundant 5” (12.7 cm) diameter analog dial thermometer to monitor thermoplastic temperature with guard.

3” (7.6 cm) knife gate handwheel valve for safe controlled dispensing of thermoplastic mounted opposite of feed door side (one for each melter).

Includes aluminum discharge trough to dispense material into.

Hand applicator.

The base mounting flange of the unit is 2” (5 cm) wide with multiple slotted holes for a wide range of mounting options.

Top rim is designed to prevent thermoplastic and resin from draining down the outside walls of the unit providing for long term preservation of paint and overall appearance.

Rain resistant design prevents water from entering the thermoplastic tank.

Videos of the Pre-Melter Applications

The Thermo Pre-Melter melts thermoplastic in 2,000, 3,000, or 4,000 capacities. (907, 1,306, or 1,814 kg capacities)

Technical Specs

Thermo Capacities2,000, 3,000, 4000 lbs (907, 1,306, 1,814 kg)

Request the Thermo Pre-Melter Specifications Sheet

Get the Thermo Pre-Melter specification sheet that you can print and save to your computer for review at any time. A great tool for model comparisons and for comparing the Pre-Melter to other manufacturer's equipment. Specification sheets contain:

  • Complete Model Specifications
  • List of Model Options
  • List of Model Applications
Thermo Pre-Melter System Spec Sheet