Advantages of the Thermo Hog

The Thermo Hog’s Hog Melter is a processing plant with over 41 times the heated surface of a conventional melter. This one-of-a-kind Melter provides for the continuous melting of thermoplastic at 8,000 lbs. per hour (3,628 kg/hr) in one melter. That’s 16,000 lbs. per hour (7,257 kg/hr) for two colors! The temperature inside of the melter never exceeds 500°F versus traditional kettles which can reach up to 2,000°F.

The Thermo Hog utilizes a single burner versus nine burners found on competitive thermo trucks on the market. The Thermo Hog also uses two melter versus the traditional 4-6 melters found on competitive trucks.

The material deck holds up to 2x the amount of unmelted material compared to a traditional truck (depending on configuration). The deck is also supplied with a conveyor belt system for loading thermoplastic at waist level to reduce back strain and worker fatigue.

The Hog Pump is 75% smaller than the competitive pump, long-lasting, and simple to rebuild without ever removing it from the vehicle. The Hog Pump can be easily retrofitted onto almost any existing system.

The Thermo Hog comes with a programmable speed control system to tightly control the speed of the vehicle. Our patent-pending speed control system eliminates the need to constantly look back and forth between your spedometer and the crosshairs when laying down thermoplastic upon a line, drastically reducing or eliminating the margin for error.

The Thermo Hog boasts ultra-short start / shutdown times. Since our melter heats evenly, there is no need to wait for thermoplastic to cool inside of the melter. Once the melter is reheated, the thermoplastic will melt no matter where it is.

Our Hog Pump is built specifically to pump thermoplastic, is 75% smaller and up to 371 lbs lighter than competitive pumps. Our pumps are tough and rugged with a 3-year minimum guaranteed lifespan.

Videos of the Thermo Hog Applications

The Thermo Hog is revolutionizing the pavement marking industry. Through its innovations, stripers are saving time and money while increasing quality and performance!

Technical Specs

Melting Rate8,000 lbs/hr/melter (7,257 kg/hr)
Start-up TimeUnder 1 hour
Shut Down TimeInstant
Speed Control2-10 MPH (3-16 KPH)
Melters (Kettles)2
Thermo LoadingConveyor Belt System

Request the Thermo Hog Specification Sheet

Get the Thermo Hog specification sheet that you can print and save to your computer for review at any time. A great tool for model comparisons and for comparing the Thermo Hog to other manufacturer's equipment. Specification sheets contain:

  • Complete Model Specifications
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Thermo Hog Spec Sheet