Hog Day Rodeo

December 3-5

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Hog Day Rodeo is Back!

Hog Day Rodeo is coming back to Stuart, Florida and we are inviting you to come check out our product demonstrations as well as a chance to talk to our amazing team members about our equipment!

At this Hog Day Rodeo, you can see our new Hog Tusk in action. The Hog Tusk combines a 40,000 psi blasting head with PCD grinding teeth. The teeth grind pavement markings down to the surface while the 40,000 psi water jets remove the marking at the surface. This method allows for twice the productivity without any damage to the surface! To find out more about the Hog Tusk, click here.

We will also be performing a melt test with our revolutionary Thermo Hog. Our Thermo Hog can melt 6,000 lbs. per hour, per melter and we will be demonstrating that live at Hog Day Rodeo. The Thermo Hog is changing a 30-year method with new innovation leading to better performance and productivity! To learn more about the Thermo Hog, click here.

A Taste of What's In Store!