November 25, 2015

The True Cost of a Waterblasting System

Smart consumers don’t just buy an item based on the price, they buy an item based on the value for the price. Educating our customers and the industry as a whole is a commitment we take seriously at Waterblasting Technologies. So, here is a short course on the value you receive for your money when you purchase ANY Waterblasting system.

Check out this video of our President, James Crocker explaining The True Cost of a Waterblaster.

In this video we talk about the factors to look at when deciding which machine to purchase for your pavement paint maintenance and runway rubber removal needs.

  • Gallons Per Minute (gpm) or Liters Per Minute (lpm) – More gallons or liters per minute translates into more production. Remember, water is the mechanism that does the removal. Think about the concept of taking the total cost of a water blasting system and dividing it by the gallons or liters per minute.

    $600,000 / 6 gpm = $100,000 per gpm

    This would give you a cost per gallon or liter per minute. If one manufacture bids a 6 gpm system at $600,000 the true cost of this water blaster would be $100,000 per gpm. If another manufacture bid a 12 gpm system at $600,000 the true cost of that water blaster would be $50,000 per gpm!This will be the majority of our blog today but there are many other factors to consider.
  • Water Capacity – How much water will the system hold?
  • Vacuum Capacity – How much storage space is there for recovered water storage and how much for recovered debris?
  • Drive Speed and Road Worthiness – Can the vehicle be driven on the road or is it limited to only airport grounds?
  • Correct Spray Bar – Bigger is not always better. Using a 36” spray bar to clean a 6” wide surface is a waste of energy, time and of course money!

Waterblasting Technologies offers spray bars from 6” up to 72”.

  • Dewatering Capabilities – Can the system separate the water from the debris?
  • Debris Handling – Is the machine capable of dumping off site or in a dumpster?
  • Pump Maintenance – High pressure pumps can be very complex. Waterblasting Technologies has the only pump in the industry that does not require a torque wrench or a college education to work on it.
  • Spare Parts System – Waterblasting Technologies offers a spare parts systems that ensures you have the parts you need before you need them.
  • Operator Licensing Program – A licensing program gives peace of mind that the machine purchased is being run in the most efficient and effective way possible. Waterblasting Technologies offers the only such program in the industry.
  • Continuing Education – Vitally important to long term success.
  • Customer Support Team – Having a team ready to help you 24/7/365 in 9 different languages is a tool that has no price tag when you are onsite and in need of immediate assistance.

The lower priced machine for runway rubber removal and/or stripe removal may not always be the most affordable because you have to factor in the cost to operate the machine and the production value received for that cost. That combined with the other factors we mentioned here can go a long way in helping you decide which machine is right for you.