March 12, 2015

Stripe Hog vs. Star Jet

For basketball fans, this is the best time of the year. For all the Stripe Hog SH7500 fans, it’s even better. Competition brings out the best in everyone and here at Stripe Hog, we don’t want to talk “smack”, we want to go head to head against the competition and see who comes out the winner.

That is what we have done with our Stripe Hog-SH7500 and the StarJet SRV-1 from NLB. We put together a game plan and the statistics cannot be denied. But let’s quit talking about it and start playing. Click here to take a look at the stat sheet for yourself.

Stripe Hog vs Star Jet

In this competition it all comes down to minimizing work stoppage so that you can maximize work time, which maximizes profits. So, we have the tip off, let’s look at our percentages. The Stripe Hog SH75000 has 210% more fresh water, 330% more debris capacity and 11% more gpms.

Stripe Hog vs Star Jet

Having a separated debris and water tank keeps all the “sludge” out and makes for a more efficient operation. That, coupled with larger blasting widths and a clearer operator line of sight is like having a starting line up on the bench.

Stripe Hog vs Star Jet

This can be a game winner when you put this information in an actual workday. We did that, of course, so you could see that when we come to play ball, we come to win and that means Stripe Hog owners win!

If you are in the water blasting industry, you know that doubling your down time cuts your profits in half. If you are using the SRV-1, the Stripe Hog SH7500 can cut your down time in half and double your profits! “……nothing but the bottom of the net!”

Click here to learn more about the side by side comparison of the Stripe Hog SH7500 and the StarJet SRV-1.