June 23, 2014

The Stripe Hogs Unique Tubular Head Design

Stripe Hog - Tubular Blasting Heads

Stripe Hogs Unique Tubular Head Design

Flexible, Light Weight, Easy To Configure and No Tools Required!

Our new versatile tubular heads allow you to quickly change out spray bars and position them in an infinite number of configurations from 6” to 72” (15.2-183 cm) wide, inline or side by side in minutes. Unlike our competition, our head design allows you the greatest amount of flexibility in a relatively lightweight package

Some of the features and benefits of the tubular head design include:

• Simple adjustment with no tools

• Flexible positioning

• Light Weight

• Individual rotational control– 4, & 5 axis arm options

• Extends horizontally on roads or runways

• Extends vertically for barrier walls

Some of the applications for the tubular blasting heads and configurations

Tubular Head Configurations

Video Examples of Head Configurations

Road Marking Removal, tandem head configuration.

Airfield Marking Removal, tandem head configuration.

Changing Heads From Rubber Removal to Marking Removal Configuration

Rubber Removal, 36″ head

To find out more about this or the many other innovative Stripe Hog features click here to download a product brochure.