September 19, 2013

Getting A Hog In 48 Hours Vs. 48 days!

With over ten years of experience, equipment operating in over 35 countries, and more units operating around the world than our four closest competitors combined, we have the knowledge and ability to provide you with the most versatile shipment options available.

The typical method of international shipments of equipment is by cargo ship. This process can take anywhere from four to six weeks or longer, port to port. This may not seem like a long time to deliver a unit to another part of the world. However, time is money, and not being able to operate your equipment for almost two months means a delay in your profitability.

Using this contractor mentality, we wanted to find another shipping option that would put the equipment in your possession faster. After researching various options, we determined that another efficient and time-saving shipping option is air freight. At a cost that is on average 45% more than the traditional shipping method, your equipment can be at your feet within 48 hours instead of 48 days or longer! You will have the ability to put your Stripe Hog to work four to six weeks sooner. This is money in your pocket!

Contact us today for a free shipping quote and estimated delivery time of a new Stripe Hog! The Stripe Hog Waterblasting System uses needle sharp water jets to quickly remove all types of roadway and airfield marking paint as well as runway rubber deposit build-up with the least amount of impact to the surface. This captive water blasting system is manufactured and sold by Waterblasting Technologies of Stuart, Florida, USA.