April 17, 2019

Welcome to Hog Technologies!

from Waterblasting Technologies to Hog Technologies

Waterblasting Technologies is transforming into something bigger! For 30 years, we have built a company that has become the world leader in marking removal and pavement maintenance. As we continue to expand our business, we substantiated that we need, not only, a larger facility but a name that exemplifies what we have become!

That is why Waterblasting Technologies will be rebranding as Hog Technologies!

We are now a company that makes more than just water blasting equipment. Hog Technologies manufactures the Surface Hog for surface preparation and cleaning, the Rumble Hog for grinding, grooving, and cutting rumble strips, the Paint Hog to lay down waterborne paint markings, and the Thermo Hog to lay down thermoplastic markings. With all of these new applications, Waterblasting Technologies is no longer defined by our current and growing product offering scope.

The most vital part of our growth in this industry is our customers. We cannot recall how many times one of our team members went to a convention and interacted with a customer that did not realize that the Stripe Hog was made by Waterblasting Technologies. It seemed like the majority of our customers knew our Stripe Hog brand better than our actual company name! It is truly humbling to know that our Stripe Hog has that effect on the industry and that has inspired us to rebrand our company to Hog Technologies. We believe that if our customers recognize the Hog brand then our name should reflect that.

Founded in 1988 by President & CEO, James P. Crocker, Hog Technologies started as a small pressure cleaning company. Armed with only a single water blaster and a minivan, James handled the water blasting needs of Stuart, Florida. As his business grew, Pressure Cleaning Services became

After becoming a thriving and successful residential and commercial company in 1995, high-pressure water jet pumps became a valued part of the business in removing paint and various coatings. The opportunity soon arose to use these high-pressure water jet pumps to remove road markings. Mr. Crocker was fascinated with the speed at which the markings were removed and the jets ability to remove such tough materials without substantially damaging the road surface. This is when James began to manufacture his own water blasting equipment and thus, the Stripe Hog and Waterblasting Technologies was born!

The Stripe Hog became the spark which ignited our success. Many related innovations have followed as we continued to innovate and bring new solutions to our customers. We strive to build a culture wherein we challenge longstanding assumptions related to how work is completed. It is through these repeatable and predictable practices that we have fostered a celebrated reputation over the past thirty years that will be no different!

We now have a family of Hogs that offer a wide variety of solutions to the highway and runway safety arena.

We are excited about our transformation and we invite you to join us on this journey. Our building, tradeshow booths, website, social media sites, ads, and team member apparel will all look a little different but we can guarantee that this company will still deliver the same uncommon and exceptional products and service. We have always been about transforming the ordinary into extraordinary and we are committed to continuing that with Hog Technologies!