April 17, 2019

The Thermo Hog Melts the Competition

The Thermo Hog Melts the Competition, youtube video thumbnail

The Thermo Hog TH8000 is a revolutionary new product from Hog Technologies that is aiming to change the way the industry thinks about melting thermoplastic and applying road markings.

The Thermo Hog can be thought of as a processing plant versus the conventional method that uses large holding tanks with a heated floor. Our patented Hog Melter uses superheated oil to circulate through the melter, keeping an equal temperate across the entire surface. With over 41 times the heated surface of a conventional melter. The Hog Melter allows the thermoplastic to melt evenly and allows instant shutdown at full temperature without having to wait for all the thermoplastic to settle to the bottom. Since the Hog Melter’s entire surface will be reheated, the thermoplastic will melt again no matter where it cooled and hardened.

With this system, you can go from a completely cold truck to full production in under one hour! Speaking of production, the Thermo Hog can melt 8,000 lbs. of thermoplastic per hour per melter! A conveyor belt allows a worker to load thermoplastic at waist level from a material deck that holds 2x the un-melted material as a conventional truck, reducing physical strain on the lower back. This will allow you to apply thermoplastic markings while maintaining a forward speed of 4 MPH. It also melts the thermoplastic at a temperature that never gets hotter than 550 degrees, meaning that your melter will stay away from the flashpoint of the thermoplastic.

Our Hog Technologies Thermoplastic pump is a breakthrough in a refined proven design.

The Hog thermo pump has a patented configuration of hardened wear surfaces and machining tolerances specifically tuned to deliver high volumes of thermoplastic with minimal wear.

We have extremely positive testing results from the field after processing thousands of tons of thermoplastic with almost no signs of wear on the rotating elements or housing.

The HOG pump has near identical delivery characteristics as the industry standard MOYNO pump found on the majority of thermo trucks in the field.

The hog pump delivers an even steady flow of molten thermoplastic producing excellent starts and stops with straight even edges on the marking, on single, double, or skip solid patterns.

RPM, volume, and displacement are very similar so there is no need to upgrade or change hydraulics.

Additionally, pump speed control settings on your existing equipment will be similar.

  • Robust construction
  • Compact design
  • Competitive initial cost
  • Can be rebuilt without removing from vehicle
  • Lifetime costs greatly reduced (repair labor minimized)
  • Oil-jacketed thermo cavity
  • Automatic compression of packing seals extends the overall life
  • Hydraulic drive motor with incorporated rpm feedback sensor
  • No external couplings

Typically, when your thermo pump breaks you would have to replace the entire pump at an unreasonably high cost. Our Hog Pump is ¼ the size of a standard pump found on most trucks today and can be disassembled and rebuilt without ever having to remove it from the vehicle.

Applying lines with the Thermo Hog is easy with our large center console. This console places all the information and controls within easy sight and access. You can even program your lines using a skip line control system that comes with an onboard printer for quantity tracking. The thermo guns can apply yellow or white thermoplastic either individually or simultaneously on either side of the truck.

Smarter. Simpler. Higher Production. These are the solutions that the Thermo Hog looks to bring to the industry! To find out more about the Thermo Hog TH8000, click here.