April 17, 2019

Are Rumble Strips Bad for Tires?

As a driver, hitting a pothole or a large bump can startle you and make you wonder if your car had been damaged. In fact, any sort of noise outside of the sound of the engine running can produce such a reaction. That is the intent behind rumble strips: to produce a startling noise to alert the driver that they are drifting off of the road.

Despite the fact that it produces a jarring sound, the question remains if driving over rumble strips can harm the tires on your vehicle. The short answer is no; however, that answer is not definitive. Rumble strips can damage your tires and suspension but you would have to drive on a rumble strip for several hundred miles on a regular basis in order to see that happen. Most rumble strips last for less than a mile and you are, most likely, to pull your vehicle off of a rumble strip once you hear the sound.

This means a rumble strip is no worse than wear and tear endured by your car on a daily basis. Experts even agree that crossing a rumble strip in an intended manner will not damage your vehicle. The vibration and the noise it creates can be likened to a dog whose bark is worse than its bite.

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