April 16, 2019

Waterblasting Technologies – ATSSA 2018

Waterblasting Technologies – ATSSA 2018, youtube video thumbnail

Waterblasting Technologies had another great year at the 2018 American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) Convention and Traffic Expo in San Antonio, Texas! The booth was filled with our latest and greatest technology and team members proudly promoting our signature event, Hog Day Rodeo, with cowboy hats! We featured four different products in the booth, including the Stripe Hog, Rumble Hog, Thermo Hog and Paint Hog.

Waterblasting Technologies’ flagship product, the Stripe Hog SH8000, was on display representing just one of five different model sizes. One of the newest advancements seen on this machine was the grinding / water blasting combo head. This attachment is a new upgrade option that can be retrofitted to existing SH8000 trucks. It can increase production rates by 30-50% using diamond teeth that are 60 times harder than carbide. The grinding method is the best method from the top of the marking to the top of the pavement surface. The water blasting method is the best method from the top of the pavement surface to the lowest level of paint. This new water blasting / grinding method puts both methods in their sweet spot for those long line thick thermo jobs for instance.

Alongside the Stripe Hog was the Self-Rotated Ground Hog, our latest walk-behind 40,000 psi water blaster that can connect to any Stripe Hog model for small or hard to reach removal jobs.

Next in line was the Rumble Hog – Grinder, Groover, Rumbler. This multi-purpose machine can grind pavement markings, cut grooves for inlaid pavement markings, and cut rumble strips, plunge cuts, banana cuts, and sinusoidal cuts. For grinding and grooving applications, it also is equipped with the vacuum and offloading system option which can offload recovered debris on the side of the road or into a support vehicle.

Waterblasting Technologies was excited to bring back the Thermo Hog Thermoplastic System to this year’s show with the revolutionary Hog Melter. The Hog Melter boasts a 60 minute start time from cold to running and has over 41 times the heated surface of a conventional melter.

Attendees had the opportunity to see the newest addition to our line of Hog Products, the Paint Hog Paint Truck. This truck features unique and reliable low speeds rpm control, a skip line control system with on board printer for quantity tracking, 304 stainless steel paint tanks including all related plumbing, accessibility to all plumbing and filters with user-friendly quick clamp system, and a wide range of additional options to fully customize your truck to suit your needs.

The Waterblasting Technologies lounge once again featured book signings and giveaways from President James P. Crocker. For those who could not make it to the lounge for a book, you can still text BOOKS to 67076 and you will receive your free signed copy.

One of the highlights of our time in San Antonio kicked off after-hours at the Waterblasting Technologies VIP Reception! The party was held at The Davenport Lounge where guests had the opportunity to get a company photo-op, play casino games, listen to live music and mingle with some great friends within the industry. Four lucky winners won the raffle giveaway which included Bose speakers, Bose headphones, a Ring Video Doorbell, and the grand prize a Spark Drone. With over 200 guests in attendance, we had one of the most memorable VIP parties to date!

As we wrap up another unforgettable time at the 2018 ATSSA Expo, we are looking forward to the 49th Annual ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo in Tampa, Florida in 2019! If you would like to learn more about any of the products featured in our booth, please visit our website or register to attend our upcoming Hog Day Rodeo event. This event is filled with product demonstrations, facility tours, and fun and we would love for you to come down to sunny Stuart, Florida to join us. The event will be February 16-17th and spots are filling up quickly.