April 16, 2019

The HT1000SR Self-Rotating Ground Hog Featured in Paint Square

The HT1000SR Self-Rotating Ground Hog was featured in Paint Square’s weekly E-Mail blast which provides a round-up of top stories from around the industry! The article highlighted the features of the Ground Hog and how they can be beneficial to those looking to remove markings from roadways.

Waterblasting Technologies recently created the self-rotating version of their popular Ground Hog tool. With spray bars that contain angled nozzles, the bar rotates on its own rather than relying on hydraulic power to spin the bar. Of course, the hydraulic-powered Ground Hog is also still available for those who prefer it.

The Ground Hog has always been one of our most versatile tools to pair with our Stripe Hog line of trucks or our Power Hog line of tools. It was a great honor for it to be featured in this week’s Paint Square!

You can view the featured article here: